Now official: you can buy the real stuff ;-)

Hey Folks,

I finally made it and you can now buy the MP3s in good quality on:
>> Amazon
>> Itunes
I hope you enjoy this opportunity to support a poor and lonesome independent Artist 😉 If you want to have the traditional Medium (CD) just write me a mail to
rankX [at]

Anyway, I will soon upload the Videos for The Rift part 1 & 2 for your pleasure. Sadly Stage6 has gone down, and so I was forced to downgrade to Veoh, but nervermind… if you download the Clip it will still be in HD Divx quality.

So that’s it, I will soon post all the infos on on our exhibition @ ZMF (you can still see some fine art by Maki Shimizu, Henry Banks & my humble self there (for those of you from Berlin) it’s at “Zur Möbelfabrik” – Brunnenstraße 10 in Mitte.

Addition to the “The Rift” album

Hey folks,

you can now also buy “The Rift” (as album or single tracks) on Amazon MP3. It’s a little more expensive than on but then again, it’s a worldwide distribution 😉
Just hit the following link: LINK …
And remember: “Ars gratia artis…”

Buy the album “The Rift” online

U P D A T E — Buy the new Album “The Rift” online @ — Click here

Finally… it is done. You can now buy the album online @ and in real life (just send a mail to rankX [at] I am very glad to have made it this far with underground means and hope to be able to go on producing my next album and the remaining clips for “The Rift”. I hope €5,99 (for the MP3 version) is a civilized price for all the work I put in there.

The first 50 records will be numbered in a limited edition and signed by the artist (sic. ME 😉 for what it’s worth.

Thanx to all of you for supporting me and let’s go on make some real music…

Enkidu rankX

Videoclips & Record Prerelease "The Rift"

| Get on of the first 50 copies | MK ultra: “The Rift”|
| on 19.01.08 | 19h00 | Tellstraße 2 | 12045 Berlin |
| Vernissage | Art | Video | Music | Friends | & much more |
| d o n ‘ t m i s s i t

Halfway there

So, this is it. I am glad to present 6 from the 9 songs of “The Rift” by MK ultra as videoclips. Hope you like them. The rest (3 Songs) will follow by the end of the year and hopefully a CD & DVD version, I’ll keep you posted on this. Please tell me if you would be interested in such a publication, so I can project the number of discs to produce.