The Rift cd cover

MK_ultra: “The Rift”

The Rift cd cover  The Rift CD

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This is a page dedicated to my solo project MK_ultra

MK_ultra was formed in 2007 out of the Berlin based electronic Band Mr. & Mrs.T. It’s strange sounds and socio-political issues make it a ‘not so easy listening’, quasi experimental Band. MK_ultra has also the habit of producing one video per song and put them on line for free. The whole album “The Rift” is therefore ‘visible’ on i.e. YouTube (see below).

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MK_ultra’s composer and sole performer Enkidu rankX says about his album: “The Rift”:

“In the summer of 2007 I began working on a solo project called MK_ultra. It’s aim was to produce a CD & DVD with 9 songs / clips that would manifest a deep feeling of concern for the world we live in and it’s issues. The result was the collection of songs called “The Rift”. The different songs deal with such various subjects like:

  • the feeling of an emerging rift in our societies (“The Rift” & “The Rift reprise”)
  • nuclear pollution of beautiful places (“seagulls on a beach of litter”)
  • freedom as a question of the state of mind you’re in (very much Sartre there with “X”)
  • the beauty of the world from the vastness of space to the tiniest spark of life (“space dusk”)”

The cover for the album has been designed by Alexander Tibus and Maki Shimizu. I can’t thank them enough for the beautiful work they did for this (no-budget) project. So let me show you some of the illustration that went into the booklet…

Also I would like to thank Thiemo B. for helping with the mix and master stuff and Sulamith Sallmann for helping in putting together the videos (thanx for great research) and providing me with great photos. Also, I had help by Jana Jürk for cutting “The Rift” the video… Thank you for believing in this project!

Here is the series of video clips that was done for it. Find out more about the here >>


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Here is the beautiful booklet art / illustration done mainly by Maki Shimizu.