re.FLEXION - picture Sulamith Sallmann

Narziss Maschine

re.FLEXION: Prince Mio, Robozee & Enkidu rankX shot by Sulamith Sallmann

Narziss Maschine as used in “re.FLEXION” photo by Sulamith Sallmann

The Narziss Maschine real-time installation has been used in a variety of settings. It was used in the dance performance re.FLEXION (video), incarnated in some of my videos and was shown on multiple occasions such as Prolog 7, lange Nacht der Museen Manheim / Ludwigshafen and NMI Congress.

“Narziss Maschine I” as shown at Lichtburg Forum Berlin Wedding

The Narziss Maschine (narcissus machine) is a PureData [pd] installation that uses a real-time camera feed. The video feed / frames are then chaotically rearranged and projected opposite of the viewer. Thus the audience becomes part of a movie but unlike a plain TV signal gets shown a feed that is constantly jumping forwards and backwards. The effect on the audience is an astounding one. People instantly start to react to their own image but unlike in a mirror, the random based frame reordering reflects a detached version of themselves.

Prolog 7 - Berlin Scheffelstraße 21 - Mai 2011 Prolog 7 - Berlin Scheffelstraße 21 - Mai 2011
Narziss-Maschine as used in the exhibition Prolog 7

This is the incarnation called “Narziss Maschine II”. It is sound reactive.

This is the incarnation called “m4usism4us”. Also is sound reactive.