cardhead – feed my obsession, 2011

cardhead – feed my obsession, 2011, styro, cardreader, creditcard

DIY liquidator, 2011

DIY Liquidator, 2011, lead, action figure, cord

FADING – Installation in der Galerie Pankow


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Die Installation “FADING” wurde im Rahmen der Ausstellung “Joachim John – Der Zeichner” in der Galerie Pankow gezeigt.

El Caballero de la Triste Figura

(PureData / Gem)

Don Quijote is a PureData [pd] experiment that deals with a certain quality of human computer interfacing: that of sympathising with “the other” even though ‘he’ or ‘she’. is not real at all. Though only reactive to movement, the persona of the computer is felt as a presence, mainly because of movements of the pupil and the algorithms for the movement of the eyes themselves. This installation is fully real-time interactive and works in normal light in any room or gallery – but also in a darkened room with a flashlight.


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Don Quijote from Enkidu rankX on Vimeo.

Don Quijote uses [pd], GEM, boids, computer vision and a webcam. It has been shown at the “Lange Nacht der Mussen 2010” in the “Willhelm-Hack-Museum” in Ludwigshafen.