glitch art

Glitch art – art glitch! I do love glitches both visual, musical & within the system. There is often more truth to the error or failing than to the perfect result. These glitches tell me about when things go wrong within our world, things I find disturbing, strange or simply bad… logically I deal with glitch a lot in my art. Though not a specifically defined for of art, there is a growing tendency for the aesthetics of glitch art to be displayed in main stream media, and artists over the globe form a vibrant community, sharing their techniques and ideas.

I also propose a terminology; hierarchy of glitch (art):

  • 1st° (degree): found glitch, no derivation, no editing
  • 2nd°: found glitch, adapted, slightly edited or changed
  • 3rd°: induced glitch, no derivation, no editing
  • 4th°: induced glitch, adapted, heavily edited or changed
  • 5th° (maybe over the top): 4th grade re-glitched

Glitch music can be found here >>

If you want to start with glitching yourself, here are some starting points for you: