an island of life in a sea of death

my real step (an island of life in a sea of death)

(PureData / Gem – Projection mapping installation – real-time)

This is the documentation of a real time audio-visual installation I did back in 2009 in a Berlin gallery. I used my face, aged it and projected it again on a blank sculpture of a face. By use of projection mapping done in PureData [pd] I then projected the process of ageing myself (to let’s say 80) in a time span of ca. 8 minutes (here speeded up to ca. 4min). As in real life, the process of ageing way beyond the threshold of perception so you could only notice the difference in age by averting your eyes and coming back again later. The music was played over headphones. “Island” is a meditation on the human condition, its impermanence and finally death.

The Installation is accompanied by the experimental music piece “my real step #1” by MK_utra.

“an Island of life in a sea of death” was part of the exhibition entitled Prolog 4 that was curated by Anton Schwarzbach which took place from June 6th to 21st of 2009. Find out more about Prolog – Heft für Zeichnung und Text here >>

Also part of the exhibition was this video / text (in German) about the history and future of real time / generative art. It is called: “Generative Kunst in Echtzeit als Versuch die Maschine zum Träumen zu bringen”. The full text (in German) was published in the magazine Prolog 4 and can be found here >>