coming soon // KaiSaR ./. but where is the audience .\.


the soviet empire cultural propaganda division is delighted to announce the release of the new 2 disc set titled “but where is the audience” by progressive state run electro acoustic orchestra KaiSaR. Long live Czar Dmitri III! the release will be broadcast nationwide on the international day of music (or as the decadent western media calls it “Fête de la Musique”) on June 21st 2019 [Gregorian calendar]

further propaganda material is to be found below

before the fuck (series) | block 7 & 8

“before the fuck”, social glitch, 4000x3000px, 2012 – ongoing

Sometimes, no need for glitching, society glitches all by itself. Some call this post privacy art…
“before the fuck” is an ongoing series of digital stills taken from porn sites and chat pages in that particular moment, when the user / actor leaves the room and us with that distinctive feeling of loneliness and bleak despair. It is a look inside the sadness and harshness of modern day sexuality when confronted with ‘the market’.

“before block 07”

“before block 08”

Oath of Stone Oak – Concert

Oath of Stone Oak – Concert with Robert Fitterman, Klaus Killisch and Enkidu rankX

Robert Fitterman, Klaus Killisch and Enkidu rankX in concert
Robert Fitterman, Klaus Killisch and Enkidu rankX live @ Broken Dimanche Press

31. August 2018 – More information at Broken Dimanche Press

Oath of Stone Oak is a collaboration between poet Robert Fitterman and visual artist Theodore Darst. For the text, Oath of Stone Oak borrows fragments from metal song lyrics that refer to Nature. For the images, Darst employs a variety of digital collage production modes to amplify a similar vernacular of decay, nature, consumption and destruction. 

K|X live @ Galerie Forum Amalienpark, Berlin

Klaus Killisch & Enkidu rankX // HYBRID.set Station I

musician at a concert
Berlin-Pankow, Galerie am Amalienpark – Mai 2018 photo © Sulamith Sallmann

Klaus Killisch about HYBRID >>

Sulamith Sallmann about HYBRID >>

Klaus Killisch and I performed audio-visually @ Galerie Forum Amalienpark, Berlin on Friday, 18th of may. We where hosted by the exhibition

musician at a concert
Berlin-Pankow, Galerie am Amalienpark – Mai 2018 photo © Sulamith

HYBRID – Collage, Montage, Installation >>
Jens Becker, Annette Gundermann, Matthias Heidenrreich, Thomas Hirschler, Sibylle Hoessler, Klaus Killisch, Liz Mields-Kratochwil, Regina Müller-Huschke, Jutta Scheiner, Kaja Witt

musician at a concert
Berlin-Pankow, Galerie am Amalienpark – Mai 2018 photo © Sulamith

KaiSaR and kickin – electrorococo the Remise

KSR, the emperor of artist bands is alive and kickin’ beats again. The regal music session was hosted by Klaus Killisch in his Studio Remise in Berlin… stay tune for musical results on this channel soon.

3 artists making music

Klaus Killisch, Enkidu rankX & Richard Sylvarnes @ Studio Remise Berlin (photo: Klaus Killisch)


Klaus Killisch: guitar & space
Richard Sylvarnes: textures and beats
Enkidu rankX: synthetics and rhythm

As part of KAISAR some of my (our) work was be shown in Brooklyn

video art by KAISAR and Enkidu rankX shown in Brooklyn

“Serbian Death Polka” screening in Brooklyn 2016

Cat on a Cool Metal Cieling

Kilroy Metal Ceiling (facebook)
283 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn 11238
14th of July (how fitting for a semi French artist-e) 2016


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“Identity” I-III – new xerography

Identification, the service of identifying, certifying Identity that is, remains one of the fiercest battles being fought within this modern day internet. As Google, facebook, Yahoo, Apple and others strive to collect this prize, this Holy Grail, this remedy for that dangerous sickness that is anonymity, they use all the dirty tricks within the repertoire of modern day market street fight. Anonymity was one of the strongest arguments for and one of the most powerful motors of the evolution of modern means of communication. And it has always been a thorn in the side of potentates, structures and autocratic systems. Anonymity is the sworn enemy of power and the natural ally of freedom. And as our features are being scanned and stored in databases, correlated with our habits, needs and darkest secrets, we may loose a quintessential feature of our humanity, our real identity as humans, what Martin Luther meant when he wrote his famous song “Die Gedanken sind frei”:

“Thoughts are free, who can guess them?
They fly by like nocturnal shadows.
No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them
with powder and lead: Thoughts are free!”

photo copy art

“Rot.Freq – for Hedy Lamarr (Identity III)”, xerography, 2017, DIN A4

photo copy art

“An eye for an ID (Identity II)”, xerography, 2017, DIN A4

photo copy art

“Handshake (Identity I)”, xerography, 2017, DIN A4

As Elizabeth I. of England famously put it, she had no “…desire to make windows into men’s souls”; well now we do.

Gruppenausstellung / Exhibition | Neue Arbeit – New Work

20 Jahre Kunst in der Krankenhauskirche im Wuhlgarten 1997 – 2017

photo copy art

“Tempus Fugit” I, xerography, 2016, 29,7 x 42 cm

Jubiläumsausstellung mit Arbeiten von

Marguerite Blume-Cárdenas, Andrea Engelmann, Enkidu rankX, Sighard Gille, Karin Gralki, Christiane Grosz, Karl Hartwig, Achim Kühn, Robert Metzkes, Antje Pehle, Friedrich Porsdorf, Barbara Putbrese, Grit Sauerborn, Jeannette Schäfer-Jaschik, Jochen Schneider, Wilfried Schreiber, Jens Steinberg, Regina Stender, Cornelia Thielemann, Ehrhard Thoms, Karin Tiefensee, Siegfried Völker, Helge Warme

Eröffnung: 08. September 2017 um 19 Uhr

Krankenhauskirche im Wuhlgarten
Brebacher Weg 15, 12683 Berlin

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“her_face” continued – a sad story II

Amber Rayne was a no limits girl / woman in all respects. In her short life she became a porn star (as actor, producer and director), a drug addict, a rape victim and a cancer survivor (of 2 types mind you).  Born in 1984, she acted in 472 flicks and after finally making it to the big screen died 2015 of an accidental drug overdose through the consumption of a combination of cocaine and alcohol.

Amber_HF_013 porn art

“Amber (her_face_013)”, glitch 4rd°, 1200x881px, 2017

“Amber (her_face_013)” is part of the series “her_face dealing with the depiction of the female face or its omission for that matter in modern day web pornography.

“Her_face” continued – TP

She gazes at us, out of the abyss of unlimited data and infinite transmissions, begs the question: “do you want me”? Who is me, who is you, we are all anonymous animals, let loose beasts, monsters that linger in the realm of self devotion, pure ego – “do you want yourself” should be the proper question…

“TP (her_face_012)”, glitch 4th°, 4000×2777, 2017

“TP (her_face_012)” is part of the series “her_face dealing with the depiction of the female face or its omission for that matter in modern day web pornography.

Exhibition “WERTE_GEMEINSCHAFT” @ Galerie Schwartzsche Villa / Berlin

I am happy to invite you to my next exhibition / participation: “WERTE_GEMEINSCHAFT” @ Galerie Schwartzsche Villa / Berlin, opening Tuesday 21st of March 2017

invitation to exhibition “WERTE_GEMEINSCHAFT” in Berlin

Invitation / Einladung “Wertegemeinschaft” [PDF]

Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung


am Dienstag, den 21. März 2017 um 19 Uhr
laden wir Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich ein.


Frank Mückisch – Stadtrat für Bildung, Kultur, Sport und Soziales
Doris Fürstenberg – Leiterin des Fachbereichs Kultur


Jennifer Graubener – wissenschaftliche Volontärin der Schwartzschen Villa
Adam Gusowski, Club der Polnischen Versager – Satirische Anmerkungen zur Wertegemeinschaft

Galerie Schwartzsche Villa
Grunewaldstraße 55
12165 Berlin-Steglitz
Geöffnet 22. März bis 11. Juni 2017
Di-So 10-18 Uhr | Eintritt frei

Filmvorführung Dienstag, 16. Mai, 19 Uhr
„Beyond Boundaries – Brezmejno“
Der Regisseur Peter Zach ist anwesend.
Eintritt: 5 € (3 €)

Führungen Mittwoch, 29. März, 26. April und 17. Mai
jeweils 17 Uhr, Eintritt frei

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