“Wer nichts leistet” video art installation vs. austerity politics

“Wer nichts leistet, der soll auch…” is a video art installation that deals with the effects of modern day austerity politics (especially the Hartz 4 reforms in Germany) on the idea of work an the  dignity of human life as an unemployed person. Work economics have become a side project of global corporate finance – merely a nuisance…

The installtion was shown during the Prolog 5 exhibition in Berlin in the fall of 2009.

“Wer nichts leistet, der soll auch…” (he who does not work, shall not…)
video / TV-set / notebook, 2009

Wenn also ∆W = 0 ist, sind ∆U und ∆Q auch 0 und U und Q bleiben unverändert.
If ∆W = 0, then ∆U und ∆Q are also 0 and U and Q stay unchanged.

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notebook entry

notebook entry