digital art

Real Time Instagram / Transport City

My photography is mostly focused on and around public transport (have an obsession for it, don’t know why). All pictures here where taken with a shitty smart phone, as part of the concept ? Also, I locate my pictures not very precisely, only by the nearest public transport access point. So don’t go looking in that particular street for this particular motive since it might be 100m+ away.

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“Big Prints” series

“Catastrophe (Multicolor, Smell-O-Rama)” depicts catastrophes as we witness them in our mass media news every day: clean, distant and somewhat morbidly beautiful. This digital art series deals with subjects like natural catastrophe, terrorism, accidents and technological illusions of perfection vs. the raw forces of nature in general.

“Sub City Transcript” tries to decode the informational plane of data / informational reality that is hidden in modern day architecture. By scraping buildings and cityscapes of their walls, we are able to look behind the scenes and imagine what thes buildings are made of: ideas and thoughts…