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Paper Trail (series)

The series “Paper Trail” orbits around the remnants of the Gutenberg galaxy that is to say the constant trail of papers we leave behind in our daily life. Every act of life and death is documented, copied and archived filling miles and miles of case binders for no one ever to be gazed at or so it seams… In my work I try to creatively deal with such paper trails.

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By the time my mother almost died… #1

This is my work called: “By the time my mother almost died…

(1m x 1m x 1,5m [paper: 21cm x 370cm], thermo-paper & fax-machine, 2010) from the series “Paper-Trails

This work deals with the paper-trail left when my mother suffered a life threatening heart condition and subsequent operation. In essence it presents a chronological collage of bills, maps, body scans etc. that shows the down to earth side of illness and death in our modern societies.

It has been shown @ Galerie Parterre during Prolog 6 from 27.08. – 28.08.2010.

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