workin’ again

Paper, acrylic, pigments and ink. My favourites…

Artist in action

Berlin-Wedding, Juli 2015 © Sulamith Sallmann

Artist in action

Berlin-Wedding, Juli 2015 © Sulamith Sallmann

new film series about photography

Let me present to you a new film series (in German though) about photography I am producing with my partner (in life, crime and art) Sulamith Sallmann. In this series we will explore techniques and ideas about shooting and producing better photos and learn about the inner working of a female photographer… I hope you enjoy – and share if you car, spread the love.

Also the song used for the intro is my new song called “south sailing”. The (also) new clip can be seen here >>

blessed be the codec…

… and its misbehaviour. As a glitch / media artist I found contemporary video codecs to be a bliss and an endless reservoir for finding interesting / beautiful things, to me at least.


“12-065 (her_face_010)”, glitch 3rd°, 1200x900px, 2015

This anonymous cam girl has had a glitch peeling of the classical kind, with the initial (B) frame missing as a reference. So it (the background and non moving things in the picture) are filled with neutral grey whilst only the moving parts are visible. I always loved that effect.

12-065 (her_face_010)” is part of the glitch porn art series “Her_Face”. Read more about this series here >>

venus3005 – gif animation gone large


“venus3005 (her_face_006)”, gif-ani glitch 4th°, 800x800px, 2015

“Marilyn moments”; a lot of girls and women on porn channels and in streaming services perform them regularly, it is a kind of routine – I believe – that seems to work on many a man… That perfectly artificial mix of innocent candidness and sexual lust has fascinated and inspired countless artists. And so this is a double homage, this unknown Norma Jean portrayed by this unknown Warhola that is me 😉  “venus3005 (her_face_006)” is part of the glitch porn art series “Her_Face”. Read more about this series here >>


In wake of #Germanwings flight #4U9525 crash I was baffled, as many, with the way modern day mass media dealt with the issue of depicting something that is not depictable. Besides the crash site in those remote mountains there is actually nothing to see. This catastrophe happens inside our heads, with no means for us to exorcise it by means of monotonous repetition of images as seen during 9/11. Here, we just have a result but no actual event. Even more so, that the main switch was flicked inside the brain of the 2nd pilot. There is no way whatsoever we will get inside his or any other human brain for that matter. This will always remain a mystery.

anonymise me I

anonymise me I (2015)

anonymise me I

anonymise me II (2015)

anonymise me III

anonymise me III (2015)

A clear need seems to be to show the man’s face, as if it could help us to understand his motives, his personality, his soul. Yet in some cases journalistic requirements breed strange results. How to show someone without showing him…

twitter based call to action for net art

You can participate in my new piece of art. Add your input via Twitter or facebook or commentary section. Thank you for participating. The Result will be an open source net art piece, to be shown here and in an exhibition in Berlin later this year.

some of my Berlin photography on Instagram

Hey there. I wanted to share with you some of the results from my roaming through Berlin. My photography is mostly focused on and around public transport (have an obsession for it, don’t know why). All pictures here where taken with a shitty smart phone, as part of the concept 😉 Also, I locate my pictures not very precisely, only by the nearest public transport access point. So don’t go looking in that particular street for this particular motive since it might be 100m+ away.

Pankow #Berlin #youth

Pankow #Berlin #youth

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cats (DOGS X)

Nearing the end of DOGS. Or am I..? A partial victory at the very least!

cats (DOGS X)” is the tenth part of a series of video-art shorts called DOGS specially dealing in relational miscommunication and the effect of technology on the human condition in general. The title DOGS refers to our animal instincts and emotions that, when suppressed, tend to erupt in an uncontrolled fashion. This again often results in violence, hatred and misanthropy / misogyny. The series tries to uncover what should remain hidden – those things we better not say or show…
cats” deals with the symbolic dimension of the cat and the dog. These two animals have one of the highest density of association when it comes to gender and sexuality in particular, to the human in general. They can symbolize what we want, long and yearn for as well as the things we despise. Also they are those type of tamed animal that owes its very existence to its human counterpart, we have had a parallel evolution and it is yet open to discussion who tamed whom. Isn’t this also a very common question among couples?
Also: something with cats! Let us say this is my comment on the phenomenon ‘felis catus interrete’; such an ubiquitous neophyte.