Film done for a student group. Drawings by Maki Shimizu. Winners of the 24th SPACE PRIZE fort student architectural design / Seoul

Space (Nixon Remix)

Experimental short film about the power of symbols & parallels between Nixon’s Vietnam & Bushes Iraq.


An abstract videoexperiment about biology, technology, nature & culture.


An experimental shortfilm about the deconstruction / reconstruction of Berlin.

a photon

Philosophy by means of an animated short film. A photon – 8 minutes to think about your destiny

Enkidu rankX 2011Welcome to this artists web site. Here you’ll find art, ideas, commentaries and points of view. You can find more Infos on me, myself an I here or you can look here for an overview of my work. Enjoy…

Btw: all of my work that you’ll find here is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND

Enkidu rankX

pic by Sulamith Sallmann