My (our) work to be shown in Brooklyn | NYC

As part of KAISAR some of my (our) work will be shown in Brooklyn

Cat on a Cool Metal Cieling

Kilroy Metal Ceiling (facebook)
283 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn 11238
14th of July (how fitting for a semi French artist-e) 2016

"Cat on a Cool Metal Ceiling" Flyer

“Cat on a Cool Metal Ceiling” Flyer

Kilroy Metal Ceiling is proud to host “Cat on a Cool Metal Cieling”, A night of many wonders organized by Bradley Eros.

The event will include expanded cinema / live music / multiple projections / ambient sound & DJing / video, films, slides, liquid lights / & film installations

involving the expanded cinema group Optipus,
the music group Underworld Oscillator Corporation,
the liquid light group A Clockface Orange
plus a live A/V set by Erik Z
& other projections and music performances

Also participating, includes live A/V, video, film or music by MV Carbon, Schuyler Tsuda, Gill Arno, Simon Liu, Ava Tews, Warren Ng, Ben Hozie, Grace Sloan, Bradley Eros, Alison Nguyen, Scott Kiernan, Pam Kray, Elle Burchill, Josh Lewis, Richard Sylvarnes, John Klacsmann, Andrea Monti, KaiSaR, Enkidu rankX, Klaus Killisch & Shireen Ahmed.

Simon Liu & Bradley Eros have organized a film & video screening plus ambient videos on the roof top space

+ Western Mass crew will have a art installation ~ with film loops throughout the night.

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8 pm: Downstairs & Roof ~ ambient music + video & film loops
9 pm: Roof ~ film/ video screening (some w/ live soundtrack) <> Downstairs ~ ambient music & dj + video & film loops
10pm: Downstairs ~ expanded cinema w/ live music & A/V sets by Optipus + UOC & Erik Z <> Roof ~ ambient video & dj
11pm: Downstairs ~ shorter film / video screening + live & ambient music & dj (+ film loops)
Ending around midnight . . .

Beer will be available but BYOB