Holy connection, look who’s hanging out…


“connect”, 1200x1200px, 2014

This is an homage of some sort to one of the most important contemporary artists there is: Banksy. I appreciate his impetus and his work and since there is no way of contacting him since nobody knows who he is, this is my feedback… I don’t know how to spray things but if you know how, go ahead, there is no copy-anything on this one.

Finalizing DOGS – Roxy (DOGS IX)

The Series DOGS is nearing it’s end. I originally intended to produce between 9 and 12 of these film so in uploading part IX of the series I kinda minimally realized my plan. Still want to close the series with the three remaining films but this seems to be a major chunk of it. Don’t miss the series a a whole, as it was intended to be seen here >>

“Roxy (DOGS IX) is based on a performance by Roxy Raye. The soundtrack was contributed by MK_ultra and can be found on the album “mono étude en dix parties”. It is the ninth film of a series specially dealing in relational miscommunication called DOGS.

discovering 4chan – at last (a net artists paradise)

You gonna laugh so hard at me but I just recently discovered 4chan. And it is a paradise for a net artists like me… So I went ahead and did this as a declaration of love to the hyper post-privacy dungeon that is 4chan. I think I am going to spend more time there, since Horus (i.e. the 12 year old mostly white and wealthy male tyrant) lives there and it is he who rules the world (according to some whose name where erased form the public board but not the meme bank).


“3x4chan – Horus pit 001” glicth 4th°, 2014

Living near Prenzlauer Berg here in Berlin – the chique part of that town – I can assure you it is true. Horus is rising and it is not a good thing, to my mind at least. But who cares, as long as he can be trapped so easily… He is after all just a child – a very powerful one though.

Ferguson at war (at least with the media)

Seeing the situation in Ferguson from a safe distance, it looks like a war. But that is what our (German) media is transporting. Rage, anger, hate, violence, black people. The connection is all so simple. Of course This time the message is: “…right now coloured people are justified (in a sense) in being angry and violent.” But the underlying message remains: “…coloured people are being angry and violent.” Then again mass media has never been so good in identifying subtle differences or the complexity of the real world. It is a unifying medium….

Lou Formido

glitch_me Lou Formido

“glitch_me_12_ Lou Formido”

Glitch//Request by / portrait of Lou Formido. Reposted with following results… Continue reading

hunger vs. food abundance

Glitch Artists Collective ‪#‎foodfight‬ Nov.14 contest, subject “potluck”. My submission “hunger_vs_food abundance”. Google image search first usable open source picture “hunger” and “food abundance”. Layered, cropped, done.

hunger vs. food abundance

hunger vs. food abundance

glitching Roxy Raye – cubist pointillistic art porn

There are a lot of (semi-) professional porn actresses that stretch the limit of what can be done physically. Amazing Ty comes to mind, Dirty Garden Girl and Hot Kinky Jo as well as Belladonna & Audrey Hollander, furthermore Sheila Stretch and Taylor Rain… One of the most extreme case of body modification certainly is Roxy Raye. I believe she started out with 3 to 4 (now famous) clips she did on the floor of her kitchen…
dealing in pornography art it was a question of time I had to deal with her. As I still try to be SFW in my porn art (because it is not the obvious sexual aspect that interests me but the sexual meta layer) this is quiet a shy version of her. But it is a 2nd° glitch. Just cropped and sharpened, curves adjusted.

roxy (her_face_008)

“roxy (her_face_008)”, glitch 2nd°, 800x1034x, 2014

Still I feel the need to add this: I do not judge neither the producers nor the consumers of this kind or any other kind of pornography. This is not my point. I am interested in how pornography in combination with digital media change our perspective on our body, mind and soul. The depiction of the human body is always a clear indicator on how we view our world (to my mind at least). “roxy” is part of the glitch porn art series “Her_Face”. Read more about this series here >>

no help needed – glitch all by it/her-self

Sometimes the lucky find still happens. As in this case, a porn glitched just in the right moment. I just pulled the contrasts a little, re-framed and sharpened slightly. I think this still qualifies as 2nd° glitch. This image, to me says a lot about the depiction of the female body / face in modern day Pornography. It is degrading and disturbing, deeply instinctive and bleak. In this it reflects the degrading and bleak vision most humans have for almost any other humans except maybe their friends and relatives.

bear_with_me (her_face_007)

“bear_with_me (her_face_007)”, glitch 2nd°, 800x800px, 2014