Enkidu @ Galerie Parterre | Exhibition & Workshop

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung und Ver├Âffentlichung des Heftes Prolog 4
m├Âchte ich einladen zur Vernissage am 09.06.09 in der

Galerie Parterre
Danziger Stra├če 101
10405 Berlin

Prolog IV

Hierzu das Programm:

09.Juni – 18.00 Uhr Er├Âffnung
11.Juni – 19.00 Uhr offener K├╝nstler- und Autorenfilmabend
13.Juni – 19.00 Uhr Studioinszenierung Motortown ,
Regie: Moritz Richard
13.Juni – ab 20.00 Uhr live in concert: Dry Mention
14.Juni – 11.30 Uhr Lesung mit Martin Zuska, Peter Berning,
Tatjana Turansky, Gregor Mirwa, Werner Zwosta, Marcel Ring,
Wolfgang Schr├Âm, Marko Lakobrija
14.Juni – 13.30 Uhr Livemusik mit Juri Tarasenok (Bajan)
14.Juni – 15.30 Uhr Generative Echtzeitkunst- Workshop/
Einf├╝hrung mit Enkidu RankX
21.Juni – ab 17.00 Uhr Schluss und Fest mit Max & Moritz
(frz. Chansons) und
21.Juni – ab 20.30 Uhr Mamacryl live

Der Eintritt f├╝r alle Veranstaltungen ist frei.
F├╝r die passende Stimmung w├Ąhrend der Vernissage sorgen ein DJ und VJ (das w├Ąre dann wohl ich).
Ich beteilige mich mit einer Video- und Echtzeit-Installation sowie Filmbeitr├Ągen.
Au├čerdem veranstalte ich einen Workshop, der einen Einblick in die Generierung von Echtzeitkunst mit PureData gibt.

Dear Friends,

I will be showing a video-realtime installation in the exhibition mentioned above. The opening will be on the 9th of June 2009 at 6pm. There will also be a workshop where I introduce working realtime with PureData for visual artists (on the 14th @ 3:30pm).
On the 9th, there will be a DJ and a VJ (me, sic) and it should be very enjoyable. Exhibition and workshops, everything is free of course. Please come in great numbers. cu there, hopefully, if you can make it.

in Weimar with Price Mio and Louise Wagner

We went to Weimar and took a very decent part in the background of the opening of the exhibition “Weimar 1919 – Chancen einer Republik“. It was fun, sadly there’s no documentation, so you have to take my word for it ­čśë
I worked there with Prince Mio and Louise Wagner, they where dancing and I installed an interactive video projection for/on them.

Weimar 1919

Weimar 1919 - Chancen einer Republik


Enkidu @ OBA – Amsterdam

Hey y’all, after drowning in work for the last 3 month, I have made a theatrical show @ Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (oba.nl). To be honest, it was very much below my expectation, still got to see some very interesting stuff there. I will post some shots from it later on but here is Sulamiths pics for starters: link.

The photo shows me with Willem de Ridder

Enkidu at Galerie Pankow

Hi there. I’m now working in a nice public fine art gallery in Berlin called “Galerie Pankow“. It’s located to the north of Berlin. They’re doing a nice work for them serious artists and it’s an nice place anyhow. So, if you live near or in Berlin, feel free to drop by, the address is:
Breite Str. 8, 13187 Berlin.
For those of you outside of Berlin, you can check their website:
I’ll be blogging from there some time in the future and keep you informed of future developments.