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RE.flexion in Potsdam, Gelsenkirchen and Ludwigshafen

Mio & Robozee @work

Mio & Robozee @work - RE.flexion

We have shown our piece “RE.flexion” by ANIMATRONIK with Prince Mio, Robozee and myself @ the following places:

  • Reithalle A – Potsdam (link)
  • Consoltheater Gelsenkirchen (link)
  • Wilhelm-Hack-Museum Ludwigshafen (link) during the Long Nights of the Arts (Lange Nacht der Museen)

It was great fun 😉 We will also be performing “RE.flexion” & “And what happens after…” during the “Tanztage Dresden” – dates will follow.

UPDATE: lucky for Julio, unlucky for us, he will not be able to go to Dresden. So only RE.flexion there, sorry.

But here are the dates:

20th and 21st of April @ 21:oo

CANCELLED!!! sorry…

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Enkidu with Kooné, Julio Cesar Iglesias & Joy Ritter @ Pottporus

Had some great fun and learned a lot in Herne & Wuppertal @ Pottporus festival. Did some scenography for Kooné’s piece “And what happen after…”. Glorious dancers to: Julio Cesar Iglesias & Joy Ritte where a pure delight. Hope to be working with all of them again soon. (Show will be done probably on the 11th or/and 12th of Dec. 09 in Potsdam – Fabrik / Waschhaus. See you there, if you like.

Pottporus Festival Flyer

Pottporus Festival Flyer 2009

Mio, Robozee, Enkidu @ Fabrik / Waschhaus

So it is done… and was fun 😉 Here are some samples of what we did @ Fabrik Potsdam:

A video documentation will follow shortly (I hope). Thanx to all who have helped and supported. All photos (c) Sulamith Sallmann.