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Enkidu at Galerie Pankow

Hi there. I’m now working in a nice public fine art gallery in Berlin called “Galerie Pankow“. It’s located to the north of Berlin. They’re doing a nice work for them serious artists and it’s an nice place anyhow. So, if you live near or in Berlin, feel free to drop by, the address is:
Breite Str. 8, 13187 Berlin.
For those of you outside of Berlin, you can check their website:
I’ll be blogging from there some time in the future and keep you informed of future developments.



Enkidu rankX 2011Welcome to this artists web site. Here you’ll find art, ideas, commentaries and points of view. You can find more Infos on me, myself an I here or you can look here for an overview of my work. Enjoy…

Btw: all of my work that you’ll find here is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND

Enkidu rankX

pic by Sulamith Sallmann