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N-TV Interview

I wanna be famous / put me on TV
It doesn’t really matter / what for it will be (MK_ultra)

N-TV Interview

let me be vain 4 a sec… Interview with me, myself and I on german news TV
Interview mit Enkidu rankX auf N-TV – glimpflich verlaufen, wie ich finde

Link >> (temporary, sorry – permanent coming soon)

Enkidu rankX 2011Welcome to this artists web site. Here you’ll find art, ideas, commentaries and points of view. You can find more Infos on me, myself an I here or you can look here for an overview of my work. Enjoy…

Btw: all of my work that you’ll find here is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND

Enkidu rankX

pic by Sulamith Sallmann