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Verlauf / rain in motion (RiDream)


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“Verlauf / rain in motion (RiDream)”, HD-Video, 4:02 min, 2013
music by MK_ultra: “RiDream” from the album “Mind the Gap”
filmend on the way from Leipzig to Berlin

MIND THE GAP now SR-51 on Subspine Records

MK_ultra - MIND THE GAP - CD cover“MK_ultra us the solo musical output of prolific, Berlin-based Franco-German audiovisual artist Enkidu rankX (born 1972 in Saarbrücken).
Enkidu has an extensive curriculum in the field of visual arts as well as music, exhibitions and performances.

Graduated from IAD Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium in 1996, Enkidu has been involved with artists networking organizations such as Einheit_7 e.V. as well as visual exhibitions such as the “Tiefergelegt” exhibition at the Weekendagllery Berlin in 2002 and the multimedia performance “CONSUME!” at the Simultanhalle Köln.

In 2000, Enkidu co-founded his first musical output Mr. & Mrs. T. They self-released 4 Albums until 2006.

With MK_ultra, Enkidu explores the possibilities of Glitch music as an extension from his already extensive body of work in Glitch visual art.”

taken from Subspine Records, tnx to DoDD

“Subspine Records breaks the hiatus with the newest release by German Glitch/IDM project MK_ULTRA, MIND THE GAP [SR-051]

We are accepting submissions again and our long overdue release for this year is a fierce 15 track album that presents the erratic aesthetics of Glitch music with minimal techno rhythms.

Listen and download [SR-051] at and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Spread the word we appreciate the support!”

update and upgrade

Prolog 6 @ Galerie Parterre @ Lange Nacht der Museen

…fast aus und unglaublich viel Anfang.
Prolog lädt am  28.8.2010 von 18.00 bis 2.00 Uhr in die Galerie parterre zur Langen Nacht der Kleinzeitungen und Ich-Giganten ein.

Programm moderiert von Enkidu RankX:

18.30 bis ca. 20.15 Uhr
– Anonyme Zeichner | Anke Becker
– BAUT Utopia | (Theo Böttger, Jan Brokof) & Katrin Heinau
– La mer gelée | Aurélie Maurin
– Papergirl | Aisha Ronniger
– floppy myriapoda | Kai Pohl

ca. 20.20 Musik: quanderpop

21.00 Uhr bis ca. 22.45 Uhr
– entwerter/oder | Uwe Warnke u.a.: nah beieinander, Lesung aus entwerter/oder und die Edition f…,
– The GAF | Ilja Kitup,
– Perspektive | ralf b. korte
– Institut für Zeichnung | Gerhard Schraut
– Prolog | Anton Schwarzbach u.a.
– SARAHROTH | PORNO-poesie/P.performance: PERVERSION digital

ab 23 Uhr Soirée mit allen Beteiligten, moderiert von Enkidu RankX

ca. 23.30 Musik: quanderpop

Die laufende Ausstellung “liebe, sex, sucht – prolog 6” ist noch bis zum 29.8. von 14 bis 20 Uhr zu sehen
und Ort des ganzen ist die Galerie parterre, Danzigerstr.103, Berlin- Prenzlauerberg.

Old stuff yet new

the scientists of pop
the scientists of pop

I finally had the spare time to cleanly upload the BERLIN.electronics series to Listening to the stuff right now, I have to admit that some of it is shamefully naive (and sound wise quite mushy). But some songs, I can still relate to them. So if you wanna dwell musically in that past decade of ours: enjoy…

This is the Link >>

And if you havn’t got enough with the music, here’s some to remember in pictures >>

Now official: you can buy the real stuff ;-)

Hey Folks,

I finally made it and you can now buy the MP3s in good quality on:
>> Amazon
>> Itunes
I hope you enjoy this opportunity to support a poor and lonesome independent Artist 😉 If you want to have the traditional Medium (CD) just write me a mail to
rankX [at]

Anyway, I will soon upload the Videos for The Rift part 1 & 2 for your pleasure. Sadly Stage6 has gone down, and so I was forced to downgrade to Veoh, but nervermind… if you download the Clip it will still be in HD Divx quality.

So that’s it, I will soon post all the infos on on our exhibition @ ZMF (you can still see some fine art by Maki Shimizu, Henry Banks & my humble self there (for those of you from Berlin) it’s at “Zur Möbelfabrik” – Brunnenstraße 10 in Mitte.