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hamster in a nightshirt

Krecek v nocni kosili

from: “Krecek v nocni kosili, CZ 1988” (Hamster in a Nightshirt), tv-glitch – 1st grade, 2012

(found by Sulamith Sallmann)

Proposal for a terminology; hierarchy of glitch:

  • 1st grade: found glitch, no derivation, no editing
  • 2nd grade: found glitch, adapted, edited or changed
  • 3rd grade: induced glitch, no derivation, no editing
  • 4th grade: induced glitch, adapted, edited or changed
  • 5th grade (maybe over the top): 4th grade reglitched

Am I onto something or has this already been done?

MIND THE GAP now SR-51 on Subspine Records

MK_ultra - MIND THE GAP - CD cover“MK_ultra us the solo musical output of prolific, Berlin-based Franco-German audiovisual artist Enkidu rankX (born 1972 in Saarbrücken).
Enkidu has an extensive curriculum in the field of visual arts as well as music, exhibitions and performances.

Graduated from IAD Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium in 1996, Enkidu has been involved with artists networking organizations such as Einheit_7 e.V. as well as visual exhibitions such as the “Tiefergelegt” exhibition at the Weekendagllery Berlin in 2002 and the multimedia performance “CONSUME!” at the Simultanhalle Köln.

In 2000, Enkidu co-founded his first musical output Mr. & Mrs. T. They self-released 4 Albums until 2006.

With MK_ultra, Enkidu explores the possibilities of Glitch music as an extension from his already extensive body of work in Glitch visual art.”

taken from Subspine Records, tnx to DoDD

“Subspine Records breaks the hiatus with the newest release by German Glitch/IDM project MK_ULTRA, MIND THE GAP [SR-051]

We are accepting submissions again and our long overdue release for this year is a fierce 15 track album that presents the erratic aesthetics of Glitch music with minimal techno rhythms.

Listen and download [SR-051] at and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Spread the word we appreciate the support!”

pure randomness

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thanx to RANDOM.ORG | This work is part of the “140baɪtz” series. It consists of 7×20=140 characters and is therefore tweetable as is. Persons that can make out a word (proven by screen-shot – min 3 character) will get a mention / repost.

Twitter killed the TV star

Looking at classic mass media, it looks like they are at least 2h behind when it comes to news like the Tsunami or Fukushima. This work of mine is dealing with this subject…


Tsunami_01, 2011, C-print, 4000 x 2500 pixel

Tsunami_01 uses Twitter tweets including the word “Tsunami” around the time of the Japan catastrophe.

This work is part of the “Catastrophe (Multicolor, Smell-O-Rama)” series. See digital art…

new text stuff

text headerSorry this is only news for my German friends: I have added some text on this page. More will follow soon. The concept of “And what happens after…” has an English translation though. More will follow soon…

Auf dieser Seite gibt es jetzt auch was zu lesen: Konzepte, Kommentare, Essays. Feedback ist ausdrücklich erwünscht 😉

PS.: There is more English stuff in there new; check it out…