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About Enkidu rankX

Franco-German media artist Enkidu rankX [ınˈkiːdu ræŋk eks] was born 1972 in Saarbrücken / Germany. After his studies in Belgium he settled down in Berlin in 1996 where he is working and living up to this day. His work is comprised of video-art, glitch-art, installations and interaction with dance and theatre. “My art deals with issues such as relational miscommunication, the effect of technology on the human condition and the loss of identity that comes with the advent of virtualization an simulation.”

Now official: you can buy the real stuff ;-)

Hey Folks,

I finally made it and you can now buy the MP3s in good quality on:
>> Amazon
>> Itunes
I hope you enjoy this opportunity to support a poor and lonesome independent Artist 😉 If you want to have the traditional Medium (CD) just write me a mail to
rankX [at]

Anyway, I will soon upload the Videos for The Rift part 1 & 2 for your pleasure. Sadly Stage6 has gone down, and so I was forced to downgrade to Veoh, but nervermind… if you download the Clip it will still be in HD Divx quality.

So that’s it, I will soon post all the infos on on our exhibition @ ZMF (you can still see some fine art by Maki Shimizu, Henry Banks & my humble self there (for those of you from Berlin) it’s at “Zur Möbelfabrik” – Brunnenstraße 10 in Mitte.

Addition to the “The Rift” album

Hey folks,

you can now also buy “The Rift” (as album or single tracks) on Amazon MP3. It’s a little more expensive than on but then again, it’s a worldwide distribution 😉
Just hit the following link: LINK …
And remember: “Ars gratia artis…”

Buy the album “The Rift” online

U P D A T E — Buy the new Album “The Rift” online @ — Click here

Finally… it is done. You can now buy the album online @ and in real life (just send a mail to rankX [at] I am very glad to have made it this far with underground means and hope to be able to go on producing my next album and the remaining clips for “The Rift”. I hope €5,99 (for the MP3 version) is a civilized price for all the work I put in there.

The first 50 records will be numbered in a limited edition and signed by the artist (sic. ME 😉 for what it’s worth.

Thanx to all of you for supporting me and let’s go on make some real music…

Enkidu rankX

Videoclips & Record Prerelease "The Rift"

| Get on of the first 50 copies | MK ultra: “The Rift”|
| on 19.01.08 | 19h00 | Tellstraße 2 | 12045 Berlin |
| Vernissage | Art | Video | Music | Friends | & much more |
| d o n ‘ t m i s s i t

Halfway there

So, this is it. I am glad to present 6 from the 9 songs of “The Rift” by MK ultra as videoclips. Hope you like them. The rest (3 Songs) will follow by the end of the year and hopefully a CD & DVD version, I’ll keep you posted on this. Please tell me if you would be interested in such a publication, so I can project the number of discs to produce.