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About Enkidu rankX

Franco-German media artist Enkidu rankX [ınˈkiːdu ræŋk eks] was born 1972 in Saarbrücken / Germany. After his studies in Belgium he settled down in Berlin in 1996 where he is working and living up to this day. His work is comprised of video-art, glitch-art, installations and interaction with dance and theatre. “My art deals with issues such as relational miscommunication, the effect of technology on the human condition and the loss of identity that comes with the advent of virtualization an simulation.”

post privacy art #5

“before the fuck”, social glitch, 4000x3000px, 2012-2013

Sometimes, no need for glitching, society glitches all by itself. Some call this post privacy art…
“before the fuck” is an ongoing series of digital stills taken from porn sites and chat pages in that particular moment, when the user / actor leaves the room and us with that distinctive feeling of loneliness and bleak despair. It is a look inside the sadness and harshness of modern day sexuality when confronted with ‘the market’.

Your HiFi is not broken

BEWARE: Your HiFi is not broken!
Let me present my most radical work up untill now:

mono étude cover front

mono étude en dix parties

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Film: “Abs.: Klaus Hähner-Springmühl – Richterstraße 9”


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“Abs.: Klaus Hähner-Springmühl – Richterstraße 9”
Film-Essay / 2014 / 14:30 min. / HD
Konzept, Schnitt & Musik: Enkidu rankX
Produktion: Galerie Pankow / Einheit_7 e.V.
Interviewpartner: Thomas Florschuetz, Eckhart Gillen, Joerg Waehner, Karin Wieckhorst
Kofinanzierung: Bezirkskulturfonds Pankow

Premiere: “Klaus Hähner-Springmühl” – Film

Donnerstag 23.01.201319 UhrGalerie Pankow, Breite Str. 8, 13187 Berlin

Erstpräsentation des Dokumentarfilms: “Abs.: Klaus Hähner-Springmühl – Richterstraße 9″
Film-Essay / 2014 / 14:30 min. / HD
Konzept & Produktion: Enkidu rankX / Galerie Pankow / Einheit_7 e.V.


Filmpräsentation und Gespräch mit Dr. Eckhart Gillen und Enkidu rankX.

In assoziativen Interviews mit Eckhart Gillen, Thomas Florschuetz, Joerg Waehner & Karin Wieckhorst erinnern diese an den einflussreichen und früh verstorbenen Künstler Klaus Hähner-Springmühl. Basierend auf dokumentarischen Fotografien und dem Fotoprotokoll “Richterstraße 9″ von Karin Wieckhorst entsteht eine persönliche Reminiszenz an Ort und Person, die viele weitere Künstler beeinflusst und inspiriert haben.

where to study the effect of drug abuse: case file #1 – ice / crack


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[CiC] where to study the effect of drug abuse: case file #1 – ice / crack
27min, SD, 2013
part of “the code is cold” exhibition / open art complex
For more info visit:


Noch bis zum 22.11.2013 – The code is cold in der Krankenhauskirche im Wuhletal


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Vernissage – The code is cold – 18.10.2013

Berlin-Biesdorf, Vernissage "the code is cold", Oktober 2013

Yola Icho, Enkidu rankX & Minna Partanen performing “The code is cold – manifesto” live @ Krankenhauskirche Wuhletal. More pictures by Sulamith Sallmann are to be found here >>

Upcomming events: guided tour – 25th @ 14:00 & 31st @ 16:00
GLITCH / der Fehler im System als Saat der Kreativität
Discussion and Narrativ (StoryNetWork ‘Overluminated’)
with Enkidu rankX (artist), Pippa Chase (philosopher and FEMEN activist), Rachel Clarke (storyteller & theater activist)