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About Enkidu rankX

Franco-German media artist Enkidu rankX [ınˈkiːdu ræŋk eks] was born 1972 in Saarbrücken / Germany. After his studies in Belgium he settled down in Berlin in 1996 where he is working and living up to this day. His work is comprised of video-art, glitch-art, installations and interaction with dance and theatre. “My art deals with issues such as relational miscommunication, the effect of technology on the human condition and the loss of identity that comes with the advent of virtualization an simulation.”

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Boston #03

Boston #03 (c) 2008 Enkidu rankX

This is one of a series of works I did but only published on Tumblr. These are about 120cm large and I will repost more of the in the days to come.

You’ll find more on the matter oh this page >>

This btw is Boston re-re-rendered and it is about 120cm large.  So it needs a huge frame 😉

RE.flexion in Potsdam, Gelsenkirchen and Ludwigshafen

Mio & Robozee @work

Mio & Robozee @work - RE.flexion

We have shown our piece “RE.flexion” by ANIMATRONIK with Prince Mio, Robozee and myself @ the following places:

  • Reithalle A – Potsdam (link)
  • Consoltheater Gelsenkirchen (link)
  • Wilhelm-Hack-Museum Ludwigshafen (link) during the Long Nights of the Arts (Lange Nacht der Museen)

It was great fun 😉 We will also be performing “RE.flexion” & “And what happens after…” during the “Tanztage Dresden” – dates will follow.

UPDATE: lucky for Julio, unlucky for us, he will not be able to go to Dresden. So only RE.flexion there, sorry.

But here are the dates:

20th and 21st of April @ 21:oo

CANCELLED!!! sorry…

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El Caballero de la Triste Figura

Don Quijote from Enkidu rankX on Vimeo.

Don Quijote is a PureData [pd] experiment that deals with the quality of human computer interfacing. Though only reactive to movement, the persona of the computer is felt as a presence, mainly because of movements of the pupil and the algorithms for the movement of the eyes themselves. This installation is fully real-time interactive and works in normal light in any room or gallery but also in a darkened room with a flash light.
Don Quijote uses [pd], GEM, boids, computer vision and a webcam…

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“And What Happens After” and more

Oxy and Freinds

Oxy and Freinds Flyer

FR, 11.12.09, 20:00 Uhr
SA, 12.12.09, 20:00 Uhr
Die Tänzer der OXYMORON Dance Company laden ein
Mit dabei unter anderem:

Jörg Schiebe mit „under pressure“
Tanz: Timo Draheim

Denis Kuhnert mit „And What Happens After“
Tanz: Julio Cesar Iglesias (Havanna), Christine Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Ort: T-Werk im Schirrhof
Schiffbauergasse 4E
Mehr Infos:

Videodoc: Prince Mio, Robozee & Enkidu rankX @ Fabrik Potsdam

ANIMATRONIK presents: re.FLEXION: Prince Mio, Robozee & Enkidu rankX @ Fabrik Potsdam with Oxymoron Dance Company & Friends. This is a short recut of the piece we heve been workin’ on this summer…
Hope you like it. Please share 😉

Prolog V Ankündigung

Prolog-5 Einladung

Prolog-5 Einladung / Flyer

Werde auch da sein und ein Experient wagen / will be there and try out a dangerous experiment 😉

Heft für Zeichnung und Text lädt Sie herzlich ein zu einer
Ausstellung an zwei Orten, mit Arbeiten der beteiligten Künstler im
Friseursalon KopfKunst und der Druckertankstelle Prenzlauer
Berg und zum Erscheinen der Nr. 5 des Prolog, Thema “arbeit”.

Druckertankstelle Prenzlauerberg
Bötzowstr. 38, Mo-Fr 12-19 Uhr, Sa12-15 Uhr
& So, 22.11.09, 14-18 Uhr, tel. 030/ 755 61 765

KopfKunst Kreuzberg
Skalitzer Str. 104, Mo-Fr 10-18 Uhr,
Sa 10-13 Uhr, tel. 030/ 612 89 400

21. 11 (Sa) – 19.00 Uhr Eröffnung beider Ausstellungen
– 19.30 Uhr Lesung mit Hermann Beyer im KopfKunst Kreuzberg
– 21.30 Uhr „Autorenlesen“ eigene Texte + Band in der
Druckertankstelle Prenzlauerberg

6. 12 (So) – 14-19 Uhr Druckertankstelle Prenzlauerberg Finissage
und Künstler-Weihnachtsmarkt
16 Uhr Kitsume – We have a map -Live Collage

Realtime Text Experiment

Generative Echtzeitkunst als Versuch, die Maschine zum Träumen zu bringen. from Enkidu rankX on Vimeo.

Generative Echtzeitkunst. Essay über die Geschichte und Zukunft generativer Kunst in Echtzeit. Text erschienen in Prolog IV ( Live-Vortrag in Echtzeit bebildert mit PureData[pd].
Realtime generative art. This text is an essay about the history and future of generative art in realtime. It was published in Prolog IV ( and was done live & recorded live. There was no tampering done.

Enkidu with Kooné, Julio Cesar Iglesias & Joy Ritter @ Pottporus

Had some great fun and learned a lot in Herne & Wuppertal @ Pottporus festival. Did some scenography for Kooné’s piece “And what happen after…”. Glorious dancers to: Julio Cesar Iglesias & Joy Ritte where a pure delight. Hope to be working with all of them again soon. (Show will be done probably on the 11th or/and 12th of Dec. 09 in Potsdam – Fabrik / Waschhaus. See you there, if you like.

Pottporus Festival Flyer

Pottporus Festival Flyer 2009