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Done, finally

Enkidu projected into the future

photo by Sulamith Sallmann

Yep, this has been some turbulent year. Finished Egocentrix & What If…

We (Kooné & his team) also won a residency next year in Montreal granted by the Goethe Institute. Really looking forward to this.

Now is the time to relax and chill (but not to be lazy) and finish up producing my new solo album… keep you posted.


the “DOGS” series II: “Whose side are you on?

Whose side are you on? from Enkidu rankX on Vimeo.

thnx to Yola 2.
Parental guidance suggested!

“Whose side are you on?” supposes a couple having sex, deeply disliking each other. Both have grown tired of their respective attitudes towards their relationship and deeply distrust one another. But subsequently, they fail in telling the other about their feelings and needs and stay frozen in a state of hate and disgust.

It is the second film of a series specially dealing in relational miscommunication called “DOGS”. Part one of the series is called “Her Dog” and is available on this site.

The film sample is taken from Larry Cohen 1972 Blaxploitation milestone Black Caesar starring Fred Williamson and Gloria Hendry. I filmed it off a monitor, then re-treated it in PureData [pd] and GEM.

The Song “Whose side are you on?” by MK_ultra is featuring Yola Icho as “her” and Enkidu rankX as “him”.

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Old stuff yet new

the scientists of pop
the scientists of pop

I finally had the spare time to cleanly upload the BERLIN.electronics series to Listening to the stuff right now, I have to admit that some of it is shamefully naive (and sound wise quite mushy). But some songs, I can still relate to them. So if you wanna dwell musically in that past decade of ours: enjoy…

This is the Link >>

And if you havn’t got enough with the music, here’s some to remember in pictures >>

El Caballero de la Triste Figura

Don Quijote from Enkidu rankX on Vimeo.

Don Quijote is a PureData [pd] experiment that deals with the quality of human computer interfacing. Though only reactive to movement, the persona of the computer is felt as a presence, mainly because of movements of the pupil and the algorithms for the movement of the eyes themselves. This installation is fully real-time interactive and works in normal light in any room or gallery but also in a darkened room with a flash light.
Don Quijote uses [pd], GEM, boids, computer vision and a webcam…

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Now official: you can buy the real stuff ;-)

Hey Folks,

I finally made it and you can now buy the MP3s in good quality on:
>> Amazon
>> Itunes
I hope you enjoy this opportunity to support a poor and lonesome independent Artist 😉 If you want to have the traditional Medium (CD) just write me a mail to
rankX [at]

Anyway, I will soon upload the Videos for The Rift part 1 & 2 for your pleasure. Sadly Stage6 has gone down, and so I was forced to downgrade to Veoh, but nervermind… if you download the Clip it will still be in HD Divx quality.

So that’s it, I will soon post all the infos on on our exhibition @ ZMF (you can still see some fine art by Maki Shimizu, Henry Banks & my humble self there (for those of you from Berlin) it’s at “Zur Möbelfabrik” – Brunnenstraße 10 in Mitte.