the “DOGS” series II: “Whose side are you on?

Whose side are you on? from Enkidu rankX on Vimeo.

thnx to Yola 2.
Parental guidance suggested!

“Whose side are you on?” supposes a couple having sex, deeply disliking each other. Both have grown tired of their respective attitudes towards their relationship and deeply distrust one another. But subsequently, they fail in telling the other about their feelings and needs and stay frozen in a state of hate and disgust.

It is the second film of a series specially dealing in relational miscommunication called “DOGS”. Part one of the series is called “Her Dog” and is available on this site.

The film sample is taken from Larry Cohen 1972 Blaxploitation milestone Black Caesar starring Fred Williamson and Gloria Hendry. I filmed it off a monitor, then re-treated it in PureData [pd] and GEM.

The Song “Whose side are you on?” by MK_ultra is featuring Yola Icho as “her” and Enkidu rankX as “him”.

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