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Found myself on

Isn’t it funny – didn’t even know I was there…
but thats the way it goes in the 2.overse!

The Rift cd cover

CD cover for “The Rift” by MK_ultra @
full infos here >> (
Buy @ Amazon >>

Design by Alexander Tibus and Maki Shimizu
still I find a beautiful piece of cover art.

This to shorten the time. “Mind the Gap” is coming…

still you can listen in here:

Happy new yeah you motherfuckers…

Me as Frank

….ok this may be a bit to much on the bright side of the later Dennis “Frank” Hopper in Blue Velvet, but hey who gives a… ok, this year I am going to behave 😉

The Picture is by Sulamith Sallmann btw.

I have updated the Links, for I have some new partners in crime and I am still busy with my new not so solo album that (might I say it already) will be called “Mind the Gap”.

It will feature Yola Icho and more friends… So keep on listening in.