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5 Degrees Of Separation – Premiere @ Pottporus Festival

5 Degrees Of Separation by KooneCompany

Weitere Bilder und Infos zur Premiere hier >>

“As KooneCompany was chosen by the Goethe Institut Montreal for their Dance Residency Programm in summer 2011, we created the 1 hour length piece: “5 Degrees Of Separation” .
After the good work in Montreal we take the next step and show the premiere of the piece on the 3rd of november in Herne at the Kulturzentrum Herne… The premiere will be part of the well known “Pottporus Festival” initiated by Pottporus e.V. / Renegade Theatre .”


Und hier das ursprüngliche Konzept von uns >>

post privacy art #1

“m4usism4us”, video-art / installation [pd/GEM], 2011

The video installation “m4usism4us” is about ones image & self definition in the realm of interactive mass media. It is based on a PureData [pd] / GEM installation and is slightly retreated.
Tnx 2 m4usism4us 4 being herself
music: MK_ultra


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glitch tree

Baum am See

“Baum am See”, glitch – 4th grade (by use of ASDFPixelSort)
(original photo by Günther Leyendecker), 4500 x 6000 px, 2013

“Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,
ché la diritta via era smarrita.”

Dante Alighieri – Divina Commedia / Inferno / Canto 1

happy childhood days

shopping for our lives

“Spielecke” (playground area for kids), glitch - 3rd grade, 3026x 2219px, 2013

“Spielecke” (playground area for kids), glitch – 3rd grade, 3026x 2219px, 2013

The original picture was photographed at a shopping mall (Rathaus-Center Pankow) in Berlin. This empty playground area says it all for me: here you can store your kids whilst going shopping, the cold solitude of modern day consumerism, the emptiness of our post-modern world starts to take its toll. Soon it will fill ours heats and minds, leaving a gaping void that cannot be filled with goods any more… So let us shop while we still can.

Fasten your ear-belts; this might be loud!

Konzert anlässlich der Vernissage der Ausstellung “Apokalypse | Utopie” am 27.11.2012 in der Galerie Pankow
Theo Boettger, Mikael Eriksson, Marc Gröszer, Klaus Killisch, Claudia Kühn & Enkidu rankX: “25.801”

Ausstellung vom 28.11.12 — 20.01.13
mehr Infos unter:

Und nach dem Break; Bilder von Irene Walz (tnxalot 😉 ) >>

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MIND THE GAP now SR-51 on Subspine Records

MK_ultra - MIND THE GAP - CD cover“MK_ultra us the solo musical output of prolific, Berlin-based Franco-German audiovisual artist Enkidu rankX (born 1972 in Saarbrücken).
Enkidu has an extensive curriculum in the field of visual arts as well as music, exhibitions and performances.

Graduated from IAD Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium in 1996, Enkidu has been involved with artists networking organizations such as Einheit_7 e.V. as well as visual exhibitions such as the “Tiefergelegt” exhibition at the Weekendagllery Berlin in 2002 and the multimedia performance “CONSUME!” at the Simultanhalle Köln.

In 2000, Enkidu co-founded his first musical output Mr. & Mrs. T. They self-released 4 Albums until 2006.

With MK_ultra, Enkidu explores the possibilities of Glitch music as an extension from his already extensive body of work in Glitch visual art.”

taken from Subspine Records, tnx to DoDD

“Subspine Records breaks the hiatus with the newest release by German Glitch/IDM project MK_ULTRA, MIND THE GAP [SR-051]

We are accepting submissions again and our long overdue release for this year is a fierce 15 track album that presents the erratic aesthetics of Glitch music with minimal techno rhythms.

Listen and download [SR-051] at and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Spread the word we appreciate the support!”