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Nexus: Kult | Markt | Kunst


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Sprecher: Bernd Rosner, Philosoph
Sabine Herrmann & Klaus Killisch, Künstler

Ein Hörspiel von Enkidu rankX
Musik & Sounds: MK Ultra

Thomas Morus: Utopia
Die Apokalypse des Johannes
Das Buch Kohelet
Dante: Die Göttliche Komödie
Zu finden auf Librivox.org

Produktion: Einheit 7
anlässlich der Ausstellung Apokalypse | Utopie
Galerie Pankow: 28.11.2012 — 20.01.2013

happy childhood days

shopping for our lives

“Spielecke” (playground area for kids), glitch - 3rd grade, 3026x 2219px, 2013

“Spielecke” (playground area for kids), glitch – 3rd grade, 3026x 2219px, 2013

The original picture was photographed at a shopping mall (Rathaus-Center Pankow) in Berlin. This empty playground area says it all for me: here you can store your kids whilst going shopping, the cold solitude of modern day consumerism, the emptiness of our post-modern world starts to take its toll. Soon it will fill ours heats and minds, leaving a gaping void that cannot be filled with goods any more… So let us shop while we still can.