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Über Enkidu rankX

Franco-German media artist Enkidu rankX [ınˈkiːdu ræŋk eks] was born 1972 in Saarbrücken / Germany. After his studies in Belgium he settled down in Berlin in 1996 where he is working and living up to this day. His work is comprised of video-art, glitch-art, installations and interaction with dance and theatre. “My art deals with issues such as relational miscommunication, the effect of technology on the human condition and the loss of identity that comes with the advent of virtualization an simulation.”

New material on the way: Series “Her_face” continued

New porn art work is on its way, mostly SFW

I have been working on some new stuff for my series “her_face”. “her_face” is a series of glitch art prints that deal with the depiction of the female face or its omission for that matter in modern day web pornography. I guess in these works, the definition of glitch is very much stressed, but man, do I care… I am over the shit storms and endless discussion of what glitch art is or isn’t, the community seems quiet ideological, almost religiously fervent…

“sister (her_face_010)”, glitch 4th°, 1741x2109, 2016

“sister (her_face_010)”, glitch 4th°, 1741×2109, 2016

If you believe porn sites descriptions and titles, almost everybody is involved in incest. On some pages, 3/4 of the material is labelled as such. So I wanted to pay homage to this phenomenon by naming this piece “sister” – the video was titled brother does sister or something like this. I love the way she does the exorcist trick with her eyes and everything is in place, the running TV, posters in the back, last not least her ‘brother’ behind her… pure fascination. I had to do this one, don’t hold it against me.

90 Sekunden Wedding – mein Beitrag

Der Weddingweiser hat aufgerufen und ich bin dem Ruf gefolgt 😉 Hier nun mein Beitrag zum Wettbewerb “90 Sekunden Wedding”. Voted, shared und liked fleißig wenn ihr den Film gut findet. Und vielleicht sehen wir uns bei der Preisverleihung am Samstag, dem 24.09. (Adresse s.u.). Dank an alle beteiligten…


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Preisverleihung am

Samstag, dem 24. September um 18:00 Uhr
im City Kino Wedding
Müllerstraße 74
13349 Berlin

My (our) work to be shown in Brooklyn | NYC

As part of KAISAR some of my (our) work will be shown in Brooklyn

Cat on a Cool Metal Cieling

Kilroy Metal Ceiling (facebook)
283 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn 11238
14th of July (how fitting for a semi French artist-e) 2016

"Cat on a Cool Metal Ceiling" Flyer

“Cat on a Cool Metal Ceiling” Flyer

Kilroy Metal Ceiling is proud to host “Cat on a Cool Metal Cieling”, A night of many wonders organized by Bradley Eros. Weiterlesen

“inside/outside” review on Film International

Film International did a review of one of my clips, let me share it with you:

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I am quiet touched by this, it nailed my intentions right to the spot… Thank you David Finkelstein and Film International for taking the time 😉

KAISAR “Serbian Death Polka” (official music video clip)

Well friends, let me take you to the dark side of eastern Europe propaganda folk. This is KAISAR’s new music video clip called “Serbian Death Polka”.


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Speaking of found footage, this really is a find. An old (Serbian?) VHS tape, mixed together porn (the nasty kind of) and a Serbian nationalist propaganda music video, I did not hesitate a spilt second. The song praises Radovan Karadžic whom, let me remind you, is responsible for tens of thousands of barbaric killings – if you like (and have a good day) try googleling Srebrenica, it will ruin that day for good, so be warned.
The musical track is provided by an Serbian polkaganda trio of unknown identity or status (maybe the crowd can clear that up) and reworked by KAISAR who are:


New music video NSFW “Uncanny Valley” by MK_ultra

This is my new music video clip for MK_ultra’s song “Uncanny Valley”. Beware, it is NSFW though not pornographic. It’s porn-art 😉


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I have to admit, I love the idea of resolution. As a technical boundary, as metaphor, as philosophical construct maybe… Resolution is the final frontier with the advent of 4K and all, yet that does not satisfy me at all. One of the last movies to move me was an old 16mm projection of Peter Joachim Holz’s movie “Motivbesichtigung. Ansichten zu Leben und Tod des Dichters Uwe Greßmann.”. It was just grainy handheld material; mostly shots of the city with a lyrical voiceover but it touched me deep inside… So I guess all technical achievement is no substitute for a good story or an interesting idea.

This is not my first attempt of derezzing pornographic material (as a symbol for the degradation of the female body and soul in modern day capitalism and such…), you can find more stuff if you dig around here… I call it porn-art.

MOMA & I – COOP / Official Music Video

Here is some Work I did with the MOMA. Their official music video “ALIVE”.


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It was quiet a ride, and it was fun, shooting on Friedrichstraße during Karneval der Kulturen yet nobody gave a damn… guess that’s why I still love Berlin. So much freedom and creative potential… So enjoy and share if you care.

You can find out more about MOMA here:


“Keep The Lights On” by MK_ultra (official music video)

Feeling quiet creative at the moment, so here is my new music video clip for MK_ultra called “Keep The Lights On”.


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The source material was taken from within the Prelinger Archives, such a delightful source… must say I love Archive.Org. “Keep The Lights On” is obviously a song about fear and isolation (recurring themes of my work altogether) and I believe it needs no further explanation…

I have allways been fascinated by pornography and what it says about the world we live in. These films (used in the clip) where produces ca. 1950/60 and there is a charm, an innocence to them, that can’t be found in modern day erotica. Like all and everything these days, sex (and the depiction of it) has become an industry and where there is industry, there can’t be beauty (IMHO).

“black float” by K|X – new music video clip

A retro-punk-glitch-art music video clip by Killisch and rankX


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black float

black float” is a collaboration, a back and forth between Berlin artists Klaus Killisch and Enkidu rankX.
Starting with a guitar track provided by Killisch, rankX built a beat around it, resampled and restructured it. Then this same process began anew. Killisch would play additional guitar on the track, X would resample and rearrange. Finally with the finished track in mind, K provided a painting / collage that in turn was the aesthetical basis for the video-clip. As opposed to the music, the visual art remained separate, more to be seen as both sides of a mirror.
The city of London was chose for a very particular reason, since K. K. as well as r.X draw a great deal of inspiration from pop music, more precisely the era of classic rock-pop-blues-funk-soul-electronic-avant-garde. So to honour this vibrant city and all the creative greatness it bestowed upon us, here is:

black float by K|X

"black float" by Klaus Killisch

“black float” by Klaus Killisch

painting | collage | guitar: Klaus Killisch
video-art | electronics: Enkidu rankX

“black float” features “Real-time Cycle Ride Through Central London” by Nick Lansley und CC-BY. Thanks for that perfect ride.
london landscape tv –

CC by-nc-sa 2016 |

Doves (DOGS XII)


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“Doves (DOGS XII)” deals with an estranged couple, either one part of it, unable to go on yet at the same time unable to leave. The romantic notion of everlasting faith and loyalty symbolized by the doves has become an unbearable annoyance.

Doves also relates to a very peculiar setting that is the Berliner Hinterhof (Berlin backyard) which can be a challenge of its own. Finally it is, like the other videos in the series a meditation on the human condition, the complexity of human interaction and the desire to overcome solitude – a desire so often left unfulfilled. Finally it is a nod to Prince obviously and one of his favourite songs of mine “When Doves Cry”.

The music to this video was contributed by KAISAR:

“Death of a cousin and other (slightly less morbid) pieces”


Klaus Killisch: guitar
Richard Sylvarnes: textures
Enkidu rankX: synthetics

“Tomcat” is the twelfth part of a series of video-art shorts called DOGS specially dealing in relational miscommunication and the effect of technology on the human condition in general. The title DOGS refers to our animal instincts and emotions that, when suppressed, tend to erupt in an uncontrolled fashion. This again often results in war, violence, hatred and misanthropy / misogyny. The series tries to uncover what should remain hidden – those things we better not say or show…