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no help needed – glitch all by it/her-self

Sometimes the lucky find still happens. As in this case, a porn glitched just in the right moment. I just pulled the contrasts a little, re-framed and sharpened slightly. I think this still qualifies as 2nd° glitch. This image, to me says a lot about the depiction of the female body / face in modern day Pornography. It is degrading and disturbing, deeply instinctive and bleak. In this it reflects the degrading and bleak vision most humans have for almost any other humans except maybe their friends and relatives.

bear_with_me (her_face_007)

“bear_with_me (her_face_007)”, glitch 2nd°, 800x800px, 2014

real lust is madness – I guess

Pixelation is a thing that obsesses me.  Maybe it is because I grew up with Commodore computers in the eighties. Actually I had a VC/VIC 20, that may be it since it had no real graphics capabilities. But there is a deeper meaning to it that fascinates me. It is, to me a profound metaphor for the state of our societies. We tend to structure and simplify everything to a point where the complexity and sharpness of living gets lost in compression.


“the_ring (her_face_006)”, glitch 4th°, 576x381px, 2014

The most interesting thing to humans is another human anyway and if we apply the above mentioned thesis or metaphor to the face of the other, well look and see for yourself…
“the_ring (her_face_006)” is part of the glitch porn art series “her_face” that deals with the depiction of the female face or its omission for that matter in modern day web pornography.

on pixel row

Pretty self explanatory…
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Classification of glitch (art) by Enkidu rankX

degree of glitch diagram

degree of glitch diagram

Proposal for a terminology; Classification of glitch (art):

  • 1st° (degree): found glitch, no derivation, no editing
  • 2nd°: found glitch, adapted, slightly edited or changed
  • 3rd°: induced glitch, no derivation, no editing
  • 4th°: induced glitch, adapted, heavily edited or changed
  • [5th° (maybe over the top): 4th grade re-glitched]

No value ore purity is associated to these degrees. No one is better than the other!

Berlin, 23.12.2013


Enkidu sez… pop art is a zombie

As Andy Warhol, the theoretician of pop art put it: “I just do art because I’m ugly and there’s nothing else for me to do.” I this tradition and also with a very structuralist attitude towards a New Aesthetics DaDa I proclaim:


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So: time to get filthy rich whilst doing nothing or the next best thing; enjoying ourselves…

Glitch//Request – resutls

I love my glitch art community. Especially the free and open Glitch//Request on facebook. So many people share art and knowledge for the fun of it.

This is why I eagerly participate in it. Here, I wanted to show some results. The logic is simple. Go to the fb group, post an image and get glitched… Hope to collect more over time so stay tuned or contact me for your personal glitch.

The Battle for Kobane – a glitch art series

"The Battle for Kobane (03)" glitch 4th°, 1282x489px, 2014

“The Battle for Kobane (03)” glitch 4th°, 1282x489px, 2014 (original photo AFP / photographer unknown)

“The Battle for Kobane” is a glitch art series that deals with the close relation mass media has with war. Let’s be honest: war brings us the most shocking, intense, horrifying, glorious and also beautiful images there are. You could paraphrase that war is the father (or mother) of all sujets since the earliest paintings and relief’s where about war and conflict. But that was in the old days when imagery was propaganda…

"The Battle for Kobane (02)"glitch 4th°, 850x318px, 2014 - original photo AFP / Aris Messinis

“The Battle for Kobane (02)”glitch 4th°, 850x318px, 2014 – original photo AFP / Aris Messinis

The mass-media-magnifying-glass this week focusses on Kobane. A small town in northern Syria that is only relevant to it because it is visible from a safe distance / border (with Turkey).

The Battle for Kobane (04) glitch 2nd°, 580x356px, 2014 original photo AFP / Aris Messinis

The Battle for Kobane (04) glitch 2nd°, 580x356px, 2014 original photo AFP / Aris Messinis

Hundreds of cities have been ravaged by fundamentalism in Syria and Iraq in these last months, no camera was present, newspapers & TV where slow to realize the tragedy that was going on. It was such a nice summer. But that’s how modern day mass media work. The need an iconic subject, a small world to exemplify and explain the big world to us…

"The Battle for Kobane (01)" glitch 4th°, 800x533px, 2014

“The Battle for Kobane (01)” glitch 4th°, 800x533px, 2014 (original photo Getty Images / photographer unknown)

Zeena Schreck – glitched art in the name of Satan

Zeena Schreck

Zeena Schreck (born Zeena LaVey) glitched TV interview on tuning the other cheek

This is a submission to the Glitch Artists Collective group on facebook which I hold dear. The subject for the contest was / is “occult imagery”. So here I contribute Zeena Schreck, daughter to Anton LaVey (self declared founder of the Church of Satan). The Church is (in the US) an officially recognized institution which seems to be getting a bit dusty these days. But saying that I might conjure revange and terror from some of their members. Then again, satanists pride themselves on their sense of humour. So let’s test the devi hehe :p

Btw. I believe Zeena herself is not part of the church any more I believe, she dwells in tantric / typhonian traditions beyond classical Satanism.

“her_face” glitch art porn

There is a distinct look expected of women in pornography. It is a devoted, slightly suffering and always pointed upward to the man. In this particular instance, the featured look is slightly to serene, too self sufficient to be acceptable to the macho man that is the porn stallion. It was the first image of my glitch art porn series “her_face” and inspired the whole thing.

“look_up (her_face_001)”, glitch 4th°, 900x629px, 2014

“look_up (her_face_001)”, glitch 4th°, 900x629px, 2014