Zeena Schreck – glitched art in the name of Satan

Zeena Schreck

Zeena Schreck (born Zeena LaVey) glitched TV interview on tuning the other cheek

This is a submission to the Glitch Artists Collective group on facebook which I hold dear. The subject for the contest was / is “occult imagery”. So here I contribute Zeena Schreck, daughter to Anton LaVey (self declared founder of the Church of Satan). The Church is (in the US) an officially recognized institution which seems to be getting a bit dusty these days. But saying that I might conjure revange and terror from some of their members. Then again, satanists pride themselves on their sense of humour. So let’s test the devi hehe :p

Btw. I believe Zeena herself is not part of the church any more I believe, she dwells in tantric / typhonian traditions beyond classical Satanism.