real lust is madness – I guess

Pixelation is a thing that obsesses me.  Maybe it is because I grew up with Commodore computers in the eighties. Actually I had a VC/VIC 20, that may be it since it had no real graphics capabilities. But there is a deeper meaning to it that fascinates me. It is, to me a profound metaphor for the state of our societies. We tend to structure and simplify everything to a point where the complexity and sharpness of living gets lost in compression.


“the_ring (her_face_006)”, glitch 4th°, 576x381px, 2014

The most interesting thing to humans is another human anyway and if we apply the above mentioned thesis or metaphor to the face of the other, well look and see for yourself…
“the_ring (her_face_006)” is part of the glitch porn art series “her_face” that deals with the depiction of the female face or its omission for that matter in modern day web pornography.