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Corvus corone cornix (DOGS III)


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„Corvus corone cornix“ (DOGS III) supposes an imaginary setting in which a group of people isolate and exclude an individual via an answering machine. As part of the Series DOGS the film deals with mischief and mistrust within the realm of human relations.

What happens after…

…Kooné is en route to Montreal 4 producing our new piece. So this is the occasion to remember our previous collaboration on “And what happens after”. So here is some stuff about it:

Julio Cesar Iglesias in "what happens after"

„And what happens after“
Potsdam, T-werk

Julio Cesar Iglesias in "what happens after" 2

Dezember 2009

dance: Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo  &  Joy Christine Alpuerto Ritter
choreography: Denis Kooné Kuhnert
dramaturgy & video: Enkidu rankX
foto: Sulamith Sallmann

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