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narziss maschine II


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“narziss maschine II”

video: real-time, live video installation with puredata [pd] / GEM
music: real-time, quasi neural network made with puredata [pd]

Narcissus Process II

I dreamt of a river that was my dream.
On its surface, I saw my face reflected,
Like that of narcissus, placid, serene…

And I wonder:
How is it to be trapped within the thin layer
That separates two substances, two states.

To have one’s likenesses
Forever banned from physical existence,
A mere dispersion, pure image…

I was irresistibly drawn to that surface,
My thoughts and my longing melting away.
I felt ashamed for my desires…

So I turned away.

recorded live on August 17th, 2011

NMI 08 – Berlin – Dance, Sound & Vision

NMI – Neue Medien der Informationsgesellschaft – 8. Juli 2008
Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Alcatel-Lucent Konferenz NMI:

2008-07-08 NMI

Musik / music: Julean Simon
Tanz / dance: Ingo Reulecke
Video / visuals: Enkidu rankX
Fotos / pictures: Sulamith Sallmann