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Enkidu sez… pop art is a zombie

As Andy Warhol, the theoretician of pop art put it: “I just do art because I’m ugly and there’s nothing else for me to do.” I this tradition and also with a very structuralist attitude towards a New Aesthetics DaDa I proclaim:

So: time to get filthy rich whilst doing nothing or the next best thing; enjoying ourselves…

Glitch//Request – resutls

I love my glitch art community. Especially the free and open Glitch//Request on facebook. So many people share art and knowledge for the fun of it.

This is why I eagerly participate in it. Here, I wanted to show some results. The logic is simple. Go to the fb group, post an image and get glitched… Hope to collect more over time so stay tuned or contact me for your personal glitch.

how low can you go (animated GIF art) part II

This is part two of  “how low can you go”, a series of animated GIF art that ask two questions. How low can you go in resolution & morals.

"how low can you go 04" GIF animation, 300x176px, 2014

“how low can you go 04” GIF animation, 300x176px, 2014

We are programmed, hard wired (by our neural network) to react to those colours and patterns of motion and shape, especially when it comes to primitive ‘content’. I have always been interested in exactly that question: how low can you go and degrade a signal, an information, picture, sound, so it is still percievable as such – as structured information. Yet it is that border, the lowest visual/informational signal to noise ratio – that is what facinates me if you will.

"how low can you go 04" GIF animation, 300x184px, 2014

“how low can you go 04” GIF animation, 300x184px, 2014

"how low can you go 06" GIF animation, 122x250px, 2014

“how low can you go 06” GIF animation, 122x250px, 2014

how low can you go (animated GIF art)

“how low can you go” is a series of animated GIF art that ask two questions. How low can you go in resolution & morals.

"how low can you go 01" GIF animation, 294x176px, 2014

“how low can you go 01” GIF animation, 294x176px, 2014

That is to still connect to the human aspect of the depiction / image. Do we recognize the male or female body within the pixels? What does the movement induce, is it enough to orientate us as to what we are watching? Or is it the flesh tones? What are we watching anyway? Is it porn, is it art and who cares anyway?

"how low can you go 02" GIF animation, 294x176px, 2014

“how low can you go 02” GIF animation, 294x176px, 2014

"how low can you go 03" GIF animation, 294x176px, 2014

“how low can you go 03” GIF animation, 294x176px, 2014

“next_group” – glitch art porn

Glitch art porn is SFW 😉 But beware, don’t get your hands dirty with the pixels…

next_group_Her_Face_005_sm - glitch art porn by Enkidu rankX

“next_group (her_face_005)”, glitch 4th°, 589x800px, 2014

Glitch art has been around for some time now, just think about Cage, Paik or even before that Dada in a sense. But with the advent of digital media, the glitch aesthetic has changed, absorbing new errors, failures and bugs. Now a distinct term in either electronic music, digital art, video art and even poetry, the glitch has arrived in main stream media for better or worse. There is a growing community sharing source materiel, techniques and know how, a new art form is emerging and it is vibrant.

Many cultural complexes have been altered permanently with the advent of digital technology but nothing parallels the rise of everyday pornography. Ubiquitous, it now is accessible to everyone at any time any place. The pornographic content that is shared has a tendency to radicalize, videos and pictures getting more and more hard core, the depicted practices often disturbing and bewildering. Finally the gender specifics seem to demand / imply a demeaning and degrading picture of “the female”, not speaking of their more or less consensual participation in these productions. This is what the series “her_face” is about.

social media sexuality angst

The web 2.0 is so sexophobic it always makes me laugh so hard…


“digital_origine” glitch 3rd°, 1024x846px, 2014
based on “L’Origine du monde” by Gustave Coubet, oil on canvas, 46×55cm, 1866

I once founded a facebook group and used a miniature of Gustave Courbets’s “L’Origine du monde” as a picture for it. It took fb just a day or two before they censored the image. Now being part of the beautiful “Glitch Porn” group, there is a discussion going on, if we should post the source materiel which is NSFW by definition… This spawned my interest: could I do it again, this way and it would pass… well, we will see. Keep you updated.

But this picture has always been politically and socially explosive. Painted for a private cabinet, it was later acquired by the famous psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan who was it’s latest owner and kept it hidden behind a second painting. This cover-up painting was especially designed to represent the basic shapes and forms of the depicted ancestral womb but well disguised by a innocent landscape. It now can be found in Paris, in the Musée d’Orsay. I have never seen it myself…

“my dear heaven” – glitch porn art

Heaven… I’m in heaven, And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek, When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek.

my_dear_heaven (her_face_002)

“my_dear_heaven (her_face_002)”, glitch 4th°, 800x1000px, 2014

“my_dear_heaven” is a part of my post privacy glitch porn art series “her_face”. Her face deals with the depiction of the female face or its omission for that matter in modern day web pornography. In this instance, the source material was actually a transvestite / transsexual / transgender male in beautiful agony. While seeing it, it reminded me about that song “cheek to cheek” and it still does every time I see it.

a film an hour ( a day): “Terraforming?” 2003

See that’s what happens when autumn kicks in on a Saturday afternoon. Well, if it flows, keep it flowing 😉

“Terraforming?” 3:55 min, DV, 2003

“Terraforming?” is quiet obvious in what it wants and says. The main question uttered there could be: “do we really need to terraform other planets (like Mars) when at the same time we are gladly destroying our own habitat – planet Earth”. Also: “is space like a giant vagina we have to fuck (forgive the expression) with a giant rocket and ejaculate astronauts like space seeds?”. Further: “What if technology evolves beyond us and produces self-aware robots that just might see us a an antiquated form of life and decides to get rid of us…” These are questions we have to ask ourselves… in my opinion.

I have always had a perverted and fetishistic relationship to space exploration. To me it used to symbolize the future in itself, all the good that man is capable of – a dream of a better world. Nowadays space exploration is mainly about war, espionage and resources. It has been fully integrated in the destructive logic of our here and now instead of remaining the beacon of adventure, exploration and progress – it simply has been capitalized like everything else in this world. Well, that is a naive vision, I agree, for space exploration has emerged out of the military-industrial complex, mainly a a war machine… agreed! But it used to inspire this optimistic and progressive emotion not just with me but also with so many others! “The future used to be a better place” says the old and bitter artist 😉

two films a day: “Symbol_Wald” (2002)

Here you go… silence for days on end and then… well, don’t get used to it!

“Symbol Wald” 2:55 min, DV, 2002

“Symbol Wald” is somewhat of a hermetic movie as it examines the dimension of symbols as complex basis for our understanding of the / our world. It has been influenced by the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein and rephrasing his famous expression as a question: “…where do the limits of my language determine the limits of my world…”. Complex and often ambiguous symbolic ideas as opposed to distinctly unambiguous quasi iconic ideas shape our consciousness and allows for language to describe the in-between it is so often denied access to with its simple and constructive logic. I have written a short essay on the matter, if you want you can further dwell in this intellectual concept here (the essay is in German)

The short is not a philosophical in itself though, instead it tries to reconcile the intellectual uncertainty mentioned above with the emotional uncertainty of our being in this world. There is a strange association I have with this emotional dilemma and the feeling I get being in the woods. Being torn between my French background (symbolized for me by the sea) and my German background (symbolized by the forest) I am equally divided between what you could call a more carnal and a more romantic view of the world that often times contradict each other. So it is with the two cultures I grew up in, the French and the German one. But the Forest has always evoked a very un-/protective feeling within me. I love being there as much as I fear it!

a film a day (week): “Space – Nixon Remix” (2003)

I did know I could not hold this up! But the main goal stays untouched: remastering and republishing my catalogue as you should being a digital artist. Codecs change, resolutions too and it is a good occasion the reassert the content and packaging of the stuff I have been producing for the last 15 years or so…

“Space – Nixon Remix” 3:41 min, DV, 2003

At height of the Afghan war (post 9/11) this video tried to bridge the historic gap between the Vietnam war & Nixon’s administration and the current events with George W. Bush in power. I don’t need to elaborate on the (military) history of Afghanistan and all its potential conquistadores starting with Alexander the Great… Afghanistan has always been an “object of desire” last not least for its opium production. But foremost it is the last gate between the Occident and the Orient geographically, culturally and politically. Now, more than 10 years later, nothing has really changed to my eyes. Afghanistan was not democratized, on the contrary, other countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya and so on have been Afghanized. And like Vietnam, Afghanistan has 40 years or more of instability and chaos waiting for…

“Space – Nixon Remix” also deals with the almost erotic relationship between high tech (i.e. space exploration during Nixon admin / bio tech during Bush admin), war (Afghanistan / Vietnam), politics (the politics of fear both parties used) and paranoia (self explanatory). The film was almost entirely live mixed to the music for 2003 was also the high time of my VJing activities and it is a testimony to that early, mainly clip based period of VJing when that art form was in its infancy.