social media sexuality angst

The web 2.0 is so sexophobic it always makes me laugh so hard…


“digital_origine” glitch 3rd°, 1024x846px, 2014
based on “L’Origine du monde” by Gustave Coubet, oil on canvas, 46×55cm, 1866

I once founded a facebook group and used a miniature of Gustave Courbets’s “L’Origine du monde” as a picture for it. It took fb just a day or two before they censored the image. Now being part of the beautiful “Glitch Porn” group, there is a discussion going on, if we should post the source materiel which is NSFW by definition… This spawned my interest: could I do it again, this way and it would pass… well, we will see. Keep you updated.

But this picture has always been politically and socially explosive. Painted for a private cabinet, it was later acquired by the famous psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan who was it’s latest owner and kept it hidden behind a second painting. This cover-up painting was especially designed to represent the basic shapes and forms of the depicted ancestral womb but well disguised by a innocent landscape. It now can be found in Paris, in the Musée d’Orsay. I have never seen it myself…