Music for a dead cousin

KAISAR "Death of a cousin" cover

When I finally got together with my dear friends and colleges Klaus Killisch and Richard Sylvarnes to make some noise again, just as we had started, my mother called on my mobile and brought me the sad news: my cousin Jean-Pierre had just died. He was a great lover of 70ies rock and experimental music and I guess this in conjunction with my sad mood led me into this session back again.

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I didn’t really listen too much to what I was performing, being deeply moved by the loss of a dear family member, but listening to it afterwards, it seems fitting. A dark ode to his life full of excess and wildness. So this is to you, Jean-Pierre Jacob. Hope you can find some meaning in all of this…

Death of a cousin and other (slightly less morbid) pieces


1KSR 13 4 001 – 10:06
2KSR 13 4 002 – 06:43
3KSR 13 4 003 – 04:46
4KSR 13 4 004 – 11:02
5KSR 13 4 005 – 09:33
6KSR 13 4 006 – 04:56

recorded live on 13.04.2016 @ Killisch Studios Berlin
mastering: Einheit_7 e.V. / rankX


Klaus Killisch: guitar
Richard Sylvarnes: textures
Enkidu rankX: synthetics

All tracks are CC 2016 BY-NC-SA