Tomcat (DOGS XI)


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“Tomcat (DOGS XI)” uses declassified military footage of a dogfight that took place in 1989 over the Mediterranean Sea. It depicts the latest 6 min or so of an encounter between two F-14 Tomcats of the USS John F. Kennedy and two MiG-23 Floggers of Libya. The so called second Gulf of Sidra incident occurred on January 4, the Libyan pilots were both seen to successfully eject and parachute into the sea, but the Libyan Air Force was unable to recover them.

“Tomcat” is the eleventh part of a series of video-art shorts called DOGS specially dealing in relational miscommunication and the effect of technology on the human condition in general. The title DOGS refers to our animal instincts and emotions that, when suppressed, tend to erupt in an uncontrolled fashion. This again often results in war, violence, hatred and misanthropy / misogyny. The series tries to uncover what should remain hidden – those things we better not say or show…

Klaus Killisch plays guitar on this MK_ultra track. tnx-a-lot 4 that!