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Some spam poetry

found that my comment board today:

Sound Absolutely,without display there repeat estate mark bit roof rapidly – attack attack

city view happen income cry great mark should explore necessary ignore – if people produce means

press sorry tape success secure – much market idea fail her night much yesterday

break thought human fall – competition interview limit battle general

can true means few charge believe back society suggest member

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various remember walk display – severe yet enjoy again hair

memory nobody answer loss floor contribute

It’s spam – of course, but isn’t that beautiful?

Look, there is a lot more here:

That’s a reblog

but who gives a s…

Boston #03

Boston #03 (c) 2008 Enkidu rankX

This is one of a series of works I did but only published on Tumblr. These are about 120cm large and I will repost more of the in the days to come.

You’ll find more on the matter oh this page >>

This btw is Boston re-re-rendered and it is about 120cm large.  So it needs a huge frame 😉