two films a day: “Symbol_Wald” (2002)

Here you go… silence for days on end and then… well, don’t get used to it!


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“Symbol Wald” 2:55 min, DV, 2002

“Symbol Wald” is somewhat of a hermetic movie as it examines the dimension of symbols as complex basis for our understanding of the / our world. It has been influenced by the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein and rephrasing his famous expression as a question: “…where do the limits of my language determine the limits of my world…”. Complex and often ambiguous symbolic ideas as opposed to distinctly unambiguous quasi iconic ideas shape our consciousness and allows for language to describe the in-between it is so often denied access to with its simple and constructive logic. I have written a short essay on the matter, if you want you can further dwell in this intellectual concept here (the essay is in German)

The short is not a philosophical in itself though, instead it tries to reconcile the intellectual uncertainty mentioned above with the emotional uncertainty of our being in this world. There is a strange association I have with this emotional dilemma and the feeling I get being in the woods. Being torn between my French background (symbolized for me by the sea) and my German background (symbolized by the forest) I am equally divided between what you could call a more carnal and a more romantic view of the world that often times contradict each other. So it is with the two cultures I grew up in, the French and the German one. But the Forest has always evoked a very un-/protective feeling within me. I love being there as much as I fear it!