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I present to you: MK_ultra: “MIND THE GAP”

MK_ultra - MIND THE GAP - CD cover

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Producing this album was a pain and a bliss at the same time, and you can hear that, I believe. It took me 3 years. Parts of it where recorded in Poland just before a very intense time in my life and it seems this album reflects these very trying experiences I had thereafter. Initially thought of as a 2nd part to the antecedent album-maxi-ep “The Rift” it more and more turned into something more conceptual. It became a story, a dark fairytale and it is supposed to be listened to in one go, as an album – old school. And even if its mood is often grim, it tries to get to a point of peaceful acceptance of the beauty of our existence – it has a very simple message I guess: “Things will not last forever, so do not waste your time and energy.”

I want to thank adamned.age, Thomas, Yola & Thiemo for helping making this possible, and I dedicate “to Kate” to Katja Becker, “lost at sea” to Yola Icho and “this mans story” to myself and all people who dare to make mistakes in their lives. Mostly I thank Sulamith, whom I love, for her beautiful pictures and her patience.

Here are the Infos:

MK_ultra: Mind The Gap (LP-edit)

01 whose side are you on (DOGS II)
02 Elektrizität (NO)
03 wood
04 activation energy (adamned.age remix)
05 Absythetic 3
06 this mans story
07 Arp_80
08 the bells (DOGS III)
09 stepping_6
10 water
11 RiDream
12 the agency of common sense (blue)
13 poly song
14 to Kate
15 lost at sea

02 & 12: Guitar by Thomas from Noob
04: Remix by adamned.age
01 & 15: Vocals by Yola Icho

written & produced by MK_ultra
sound advisor: TMO B.
Cover Photography: Sulamith Sallmann

lizensiert unter creative commons