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Man vs. Nature: EPR Flamanville, Hague

EPR, construction site, 2011

“EPR”, Glitch, 3864 x 2808 pixel, 2011

EPR (European Pressurized Water Reactor),
construction site /new reactor block 3, cap de Flamanville, la Hague,
Summer 2011

Information about this new reactor type can be found here:

@ Greenpeace >> critical
@ AREVA >> propaganda


Tokyo, we have a problem…


Fukushima_Glitch, gif animation, 2011

TEPCO, do you read? +++ There is a glitch in the system.
+++ Do you read? +++ over +++

Today’s web-cam image of the “troubled nuclear power plant Dai-Ichi in Fukushima” (quote NHK) glitched with various software.