a film an hour ( a day): “Terraforming?” 2003

See that’s what happens when autumn kicks in on a Saturday afternoon. Well, if it flows, keep it flowing ­čśë


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“Terraforming?” 3:55 min, DV, 2003

“Terraforming?” is quiet obvious in what it wants and says. The main question uttered there could be: “do we really need to terraform other planets (like Mars) when at the same time we are gladly destroying our own habitat – planet Earth”. Also: “is space like a giant vagina we have to fuck (forgive the expression) with a giant rocket and ejaculate astronauts like space seeds?”. Further: “What if technology evolves beyond us and produces self-aware robots that just might see us a an antiquated form of life and decides to get rid of us…” These are questions we have to ask ourselves… in my opinion.

I have always had a perverted and fetishistic relationship to space exploration. To me it used to symbolize the future in itself, all the good that man is capable of – a dream of a better world. Nowadays space exploration is mainly about war, espionage and resources. It has been fully integrated in the destructive logic of our here and now instead of remaining the beacon of adventure, exploration and progress – it simply has been capitalized like everything else in this world. Well, that is a naive vision, I agree, for space exploration has emerged out of the military-industrial complex, mainly a a war machine… agreed! But it used to inspire this optimistic and progressive emotion not just with me but also with so many others! “The future used to be a better place” says the old and bitter artist ­čśë